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DroFX is online service for DropShipping Automation.

DroFX allows you to start dropshipping quickly and to automate boring tasks: select products, import into your store, adjust prices, sync prices and stocks.

Start a Successful Business with Dropshipping Software


Not every newly minted entrepreneur is ready to start his or her online sales business. Indeed, for any undertaking, it is necessary to allocate an impressive amount for the purchase of products, form an assortment that will be in demand by the consumer and come up with a scheme that can control the delivery of orders. All these difficulties are faced by those who decide to build a business on direct delivery. But everything can be solved if you use an electronic platform that is fully automated for dropshipping.

Dropshipping in plain language


To put it simply, this is a scheme designed to sell a product that is not in the hands of the seller. With the correct distribution of responsibilities between the entrepreneur and the supplier, the first is only engaged in finding customers and trading, and the second is filling the warehouse with the necessary products and delivering orders to the buyer.


Benefits of dropshipping


  • Lack of age and physiological restrictions
  • Interest in sales, because you are your boss
  • Solving financial problems on a planned scale
  • Making a profit from the first minutes of opening a store
  • No lease for retail space
  • Ability to trade absolutely any product
  • No need to hire staff
  • No need to resolve issues with delivery – suppliers are engaged in this
  • Earn money without leaving your home


Many businessmen who have launched Shopify dropshipping a long time ago commented that it was the right choice for entering an e-commerce business. Everyone knows that it is difficult to spend time and money on warehouse management. Therefore, dropshipping will be the best choice for your business model. Spend your time and resources to expand your online store, increasing your direct sales revenue.


Shopify and WooCommerce dropshipping in a nutshell


Dropshipping is direct sales of products without warehouse stocks and lockers. It is not necessary to have a sales area and warehouses for the safety of products. You don’t worry about expiration dates and shipping problems. Here, the entrepreneur, receiving an order from the buyer, sends it directly to the supplier, who will deliver the products directly to the buyer’s door.


Do your dropshipping business at your convenience. For this, there is even no need to quit your permanent job by opening your profitable store. Try to start with any suppliers for your 1st steps in dropshipping because thesea suppliers are reliable.


Automate Shopify and WooCommerce Dropshipping


Drofx.com allows you to sync items from many sources/suppliers.


Our professionals have developed the perfect automated Shopify \ WooCommerce dropshipping software solution:


  • Available settings. The simplicity of account settings will allow you to immediately start active sales!
  • Powerful search engine. Search and add listings in minutes!
  • Automation of orders. The system itself tracks orders and approves shipment

Bulk data extraction from vendor categories


We have special Shopify and WooCommerce dropshipping software in our arsenal to help you start extracting data from vendor categories. This data will go to your store directly from e-commerce sites.


You get full integration with your Shopify or WooCommerce store, which will allow you to get new products in sync with your store base through the API. The Shopify dropshipping software will work automatically 24/7. Save your time and money – the customized system will work for you without stopping.


Besides, our Shopify – WooCommerce dropshipping software supports the Shopify or WooCommerce CMS data model and retrieves from suppliers:


– SKUs, prices, not only a short but also a full description, as well as the name of the product.

– any images.

– as well as tags.


With our help, your Shopify and WooCommerce stores will be replenished with important data from the supplier’s website, XML, or from the API without the slightest problem. You will always know that any product that has just appeared from any of the suppliers you know will soon appear with you – and for this, you do not need to do anything yourself! Our software allows you to get all data from any supplier or API , so you will no ahve any issues with content.


5000-10000 items daily for importing new items or updating old items


Our Shopify \ WooCommerce dropshipping software allows Shopify store owners to import new products for themselves, as well as update existing items. Don’t like the photo or product description? Change to new ones from the supplier’s website you like!


Setting margin based on prices/categories



Adding merchandise from vendors to your dropshipping store is a separate art that few people can master. Indeed, when setting up a margin, it is important to take into account not only the supplier’s price, but also the popularity of the selected position, the availability of demand, and analysis of how much buyers are willing to pay from above. We will help to avoid common mistakes of novice sellers – to make the maximum possible markup, without taking into account the above factors.


Our fully automated and flexible system is designed so you don’t have to worry about technical details. Constant monitoring of prices, availability of products, automatic updates in listings, will allow you to engage exclusively in the promotion and advertising of the store on the platforms.


Features of our Shopify dropshipping software


With the help of our convenient automated system, you can view all orders, including those that have not been completed yet. In addition, you will create templates for sending invoices or sales offers, and you will also be able to add products automatically by setting filters by position type, cost, or by another parameter. We will help you create a base of regular and prospective customers, and you will also see detailed reports on purchases made for a certain period.


Do you want to arrange a discount for your customers? Shopify dropshipping software will help you with that too. The program will generate promotional codes that can be sent to your store visitors. We will also open access to the applications you need for the store – even more options to make your business easier.


Also our Shopify dropshipping software:


  • Searches for similar products at multiple sites at the same time. At the same time, there is a careful selection of unsafe brands to exclude further troubles. Graphic and semantic analyzers select matches for the convenience and speed of searching for products in the same segment.
  • Finds and selects relevant matches by title, description, and graphic.
  • Offers different suppliers as an alternative to options for cooperation and procurement
  • Provides product data.
  • Highlights and types sellers by rating, prices, sales, product availability, taking into account relevance and reviews.
  • Checks brands for blacklists, whitelists, vendor analysis in listing.


API Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce


One of the most powerful, in-demand, and popular Shopify dropshipping software tools is the API function. With it, you can offer your customers more than other stores. Our experts will tell and show you how to use this solution with the maximum benefit and benefit for your business. We’ll improve the performance of your Shopify store, along with some actionable, practical tips.


What is the Shopify and WooCommerce API integration for? With its implementation, you can:


  1. Create flawless logistics and manage deliveries quickly and easily.
  2. Fulfill orders several times faster using unique solutions.
  3. Get the opportunity to create your mobile commerce application
  4. Use professional software used by business analysts.
  5. Arrange multi-channel e-commerce with minimal investment.
  6. Optimize prices for your products, as well as be able to do automatic revaluation for all positions.
  7. Make a custom email marketing campaign.


Import products to stores


Want to get even more options? With us, you can import your products to other stores. We can help you to download absolutely everything, including your personal preferences, products, checkouts, tax information, and more.


Take advantage of our expert advice and sync with the eBay marketplace. It is a fairly advanced sales channel with an excellent reputation. You can easily display products on the showcase of your eBay account, and they will already be configured automatically with all the characteristics. Also, the convenience of the platform is close friends with social networks Facebook and Instagram. This is an additional opportunity to increase the percentage of sales using these sites.


API integration

You can take products info and offers from any supplier directly.
It will save a lot of time for your dropshipping business.
Try to use API integration with your supplier. It is reliable way for receiving data.
It has high speed for data access and increase prices and stocks update for your target store.

With images


No fees for unlimited imported images!

We will help you get high-quality and attractive images for your Shopify store. No quantity restrictions! Upload as many images as you want for free and without any restrictions anytime, even every day!


Options / variants


Our system will also help you create multiple options for your products in Shopify. We will create as many options and variant values as you need!



Our goal is to continually improve the platform for your convenience. Since we are its direct users, we know perfectly well what is still missing and what we need to strive for.


What we want to improve and what we are working on:


  • High-quality promotion and assistance to new stores
  • Support for other systems and constructors
  • Development of your listings
  • Track and curate reviews
  • Import testimonials and render them for you


Descriptions of products


Why waste your time and money ordering quality texts to describe each product. Can you imagine how much you can save by entrusting this task to us? No more checking for errors and typos, no more bidding for every thousand characters, and manual copy and paste. We will help you import high-quality, detailed descriptions for each of your products. In this case, you will receive not only a short, but also a complete description.



Update Products


Have you decided to make any changes to your Shopify store? Our Shopify dropshipping software will help you quickly carry out updates such as:


  • Import of new products – our system will automatically add not only new products to your positions, but will also be able to update existing ones. Any detail will be changed according to your wishes, be it an image, cost, or other information.
  • Delayed publication of a new product – you will be able to schedule the placement of imported items, price changes, and much more.
  • Basic information update – Basic data can also be updated automatically. You just have to choose what needs to be changed: cost, description, title, or something else.


Save time with drofx.com by automating import tasks and product updates



Do you want to make money on the Internet while doing your favorite activities, hobbies, or leisure? Our Shopify dropshipping software aimed at developing and controlling your Shopify store will help you with this. We will undertake almost all management-related tasks. You will forget what it is like to respond to e-mails and customer requests, how to set up a promotional campaign, constantly track completed orders, check stock and worry about quality customer service. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that you no longer have to send newsletters manually! All this you can do without raising your finger.


The company’s specialists are ready to help you not only in creating and automating the work of an online store. We also help you manage your product labeling and packaging, social media engagement with customers, and more. We are ready to cooperate and develop individual projects, taking into account all your wishes and preferences.



Search for products directly on suppliers’ sites


Are you used to working with Shopify and have successfully progressed in sales, but are faced with questions about finding a new product? As long as you focus on your sales and the productivity of your business, we keep your store in sync with vendor sites. This feature of Shopify dropshipping software allows you to find the best deals and then easily and quickly import them into your store. To do this, simply use the product or category URLs to directly import into Shopify.


Finding profitable products


But that’s not all. With help of our Shopify dropshipping software, you can find the most profitable, popular, and best-selling products.


With drofx.com you realize the most profitable ideas and get the most popular products in your store. We also offer a comparison with other sellers who have already reached the heights in dropshipping. You will be able to see for yourself how a successful business is built and start by repeating a popular strategy. We will help you avoid mistakes, not face problems and get profit from the very first days of your Shopify store.


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