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We solve dropshipping products import / update tasks for our clients more than 10 years,
and we see that each project has custom features.
Each client’s business is unique, so it requires custom requirements.

Here is pricing for data sync from 1 (one!) supplier
(export to excel csv json or xml file)

daily 1000 Products - 99 USD / monthly
daily 2000 Products - 150 USD / monthly
daily 5000 Products - 249 USD / monthly

If you need direct data import to your store it costs an extra fee

Setup (1-time fee) 50 USD.
Sync +50 USD / monthly .

Pricing for custom project depends on many factors

– number of products in your store
– number of products in your suppliers
– number of suppliers
– sync algorithm
– integration way with suppliers
– margin algorithm

How to estimate your custom task?

Contact us and we will find the best solutions for your case.

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