The primary function of the ELKO API is to facilitate seamless communication and integration between ELKO product catalog and the systems utilized by its partners, such as retailers, resellers, and other stakeholders in the IT supply chain. By leveraging ELKO API, businesses can automate various aspects of their procurement processes, streamline inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

DroFX is an online platform tailored for ELKO wholesale operations through platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and more. With DroFX, you gain the ability to seamlessly export/import/sync ELKO products with your e-commerce store. ELKO wholesale entails selling products sourced from ELKO directly on your own website (be it Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, etc.). This business model enables you to resell ELKO items on your site; starting by listing products and subsequently attracting customers to your platform.

DroFX has special functions for ELKO API Integration

How to import ELKO products?

Our application DroFX empowers you to effortlessly import products from ELKO directly into your store.

If you have any inquiries regarding importing products from ELKO, our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

With DroFX, products from ELKO are seamlessly imported, with automatic creation for new products (verified by SKU) and effortless updates for existing ones, focusing only on necessary fields such as PRICE and/or QTY.

Furthermore, if you require importing products with variants from ELKO, our platform fully supports this capability!

We streamline the process by directly importing ELKO products into your store database, allowing for seamless synchronization via an automated scheduler. This efficient solution not only saves you valuable time but also simplifies the management of ELKO wholesale operations.

Does ELKO do dropshipping?

Many of our clients rely on ELKO as their primary dropshipping source.

So, the short answer is YES.

However, it's essential to verify its suitability for your country and ensure that delivery from ELKO is compatible with your address or warehouse.

It's worth noting that ELKO products are widely resold by individuals and companies alike.

Is ELKO a dropshipping site?

Yes, indeed. ELKO operates as a dropshipping platform.

ELKO products to CSV, JSON, XML, EXCEL

Our app enables you to effortlessly export ELKO product content directly from the ELKO site / API / feeds to various file formats.

You can export ELKO content, including images, to CSV, Excel, XML, and JSON files.

ELKO products translations

DroFX offers the capability to translate product content, including descriptions, features, options, and more, from the original language to any supported target language using the Google Translation API. Simply specify the translation direction and input your private Google Translation API Key.

ELKO products price changing

With DroFX, you have the flexibility to establish intricate pricing strategies effortlessly. Our platform enables you to set up automatic pricing formulas that cater to the unique characteristics of your products and market dynamics.

Whether you are managing products across different categories, brands, or price ranges, DroFX allows you to implement dynamic pricing adjustments with ease. You can define specific formulas for each category, brand, or price range, ensuring that your pricing reflects the varying attributes of your products.

Moreover, DroFX empowers you to create specialized pricing rules for individual products, providing granular control over your pricing strategy. Whether it is offering promotional discounts, adjusting prices based on demand fluctuations, or implementing targeted pricing strategies for specific products, our platform supports your diverse pricing needs.

By leveraging DroFX automatic pricing formulas, you can streamline the pricing management process and optimize your revenue potential. With real-time adjustments based on predefined criteria, you can stay competitive in the market while maximizing profitability.

CMS for ELKO dropshipping

We support integration with popular CMS platforms including:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • OpenCart

If you don not find your CMS listed here, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to explore integration options tailored to your specific CMS.

ELKO Shopify

DroFX offers seamless integration with Shopify, allowing you to efficiently import and update products directly from ELKO to your Shopify store.

Our integration leverages the Shopify API, ensuring secure and reliable data transfer between your store and ELKO. To get started, simply create a private application within your Shopify store, a process that typically takes only about a minute.

Once your private application is set up, you can grant DroFX access to update products in your store. This streamlined process ensures smooth synchronization between ELKO and your Shopify store, saving you time and effort in managing product updates.

ELKO WooCommerce

DroFX seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering robust support for importing and updating products directly from ELKO to your WooCommerce store through the WooCommerce API v2.

Utilizing the WooCommerce API v2, our application ensures secure and efficient data transmission between ELKO and your WooCommerce store. Whether you are adding new products with accompanying images and variants or updating existing products, DroFX streamlines the process for you.

For new products, DroFX automatically creates them in your WooCommerce store, complete with all necessary details such as images and variants sourced from ELKO. Additionally, for existing products, our app intelligently updates them based on their unique SKU, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information across your store.

With DroFX, managing your WooCommerce inventory becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on growing your business while maintaining a seamless product experience for your customers.

ELKO Prestashop

With DroFX, you can effortlessly import and update products from ELKO directly to your PrestaShop store using SQL integration.

Our integration process involves setting up an HTTP tunnel script within your PrestaShop environment. This script facilitates secure communication between DroFX and your PrestaShop database.

Upon installation of the HTTP tunnel script, DroFX gains access to your PrestaShop database and files, including images. This enables our application to seamlessly create new products and update existing ones based on their unique SKU identifiers.

To initiate the integration process, we require FTP or SSH access to your hosting environment. This allows us to install the necessary script and configure it to establish a reliable connection between DroFX and your PrestaShop store.

By leveraging DroFX SQL integration, you can streamline product management tasks, ensuring that your PrestaShop store remains up-to-date with the latest products and inventory information from ELKO.

Sync ELKO stocks and prices automatically

The integration is feasible if your CMS supports API or direct database connection.

Our system facilitates updates for ELKO prices and stock levels based on SKU. This ensures that when a customer places an order, the item remains available on the ELKO site.

This streamlined process significantly contributes to the success of your ELKO dropshipping business, ensuring seamless inventory management and customer satisfaction.

ELKO API core functions

Product Catalog Integration

ELKO API allows businesses to integrate ELKO product catalog directly into their systems. This includes detailed information about various IT products such as specifications, pricing, availability, and images.

Order Management

ELKO API enables businesses to automate the process of placing orders with ELKO . It provides functionalities to submit orders, track order statuses, and manage order fulfillment seamlessly.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability:

ELKO API offers real-time access to pricing and availability information for products in its catalog. This allows businesses to make informed decisions based on up-to-date data and ensures accurate pricing for customers.

Inventory Management

ELKO API facilitates synchronization of inventory data between ELKO and its partners systems. Businesses can manage their inventory levels effectively, minimize stockouts, and optimize their supply chain operations.

Customization and Flexibility

ELKO API is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the integration to their specific requirements. It supports various integration methods and protocols, making it compatible with different software platforms and technologies.

Developer Resources and Support

ELKO API provides comprehensive documentation, developer resources, and technical support to assist businesses in integrating and utilizing the API effectively. This includes sample code, tutorials, and dedicated support channels to address any issues or queries.


Within our application, you have the capability to customize and schedule automated actions to streamline your workflow.

By configuring the scheduler feature, you can automate various tasks and processes within the app according to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether it is scheduling regular data imports, updating product information, or executing specific operations at predefined intervals, the scheduler empowers you to optimize efficiency and productivity.

With this level of automation, you can ensure that essential tasks are executed consistently and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

Select ELKO categories / products for import

Within our application, you have the flexibility to choose between syncing entire categories or individual products.

This granular selection capability empowers you to define specific criteria for synchronization, ensuring that only the desired categories or products are included in the sync process.

By selecting categories or products for sync, you gain greater control over the synchronization process, allowing you to tailor it to your unique business requirements.

Whether you prefer to sync entire product categories for comprehensive updates or select specific products for targeted synchronization, our platform accommodates your preferences with precision and flexibility.

Export options for ELKO

Our application offers an extensive array of export options, providing you with a diverse range of choices to suit your specific needs and preferences.

These export options can be easily customized and adjusted directly within the application, allowing you to tailor the export process according to your requirements.

Whether you need to export data in various file formats, specify specific data fields, or customize export settings, our platform provides you with the flexibility and control to seamlessly manage your export operations.

With an abundance of export options at your disposal, you can effortlessly streamline your data export processes and ensure compatibility with your preferred tools and workflows.

Export ELKO products with variants

Our ELKO dropshipping software seamlessly supports products with variants, ensuring accurate exportation.

With our software, you can export products with variants effortlessly, ensuring that all ELKO sizes, colors, and options are accurately represented.

Additionally, our platform enables the exportation of ELKO images while appropriately assigning them to their respective variants.

How to Begin ELKO Drop Shipping

  1. Initiate the process by making a purchase from ELKO to experience firsthand how their delivery system works.
  2. Once satisfied with the delivery process, commence technical preparations for your ELKO drop shipping venture.
  3. If you don't have an existing website, it's time to create one. We recommend platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or PrestaShop for your ELKO drop shipping needs.
    • Shopify is an excellent choice for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and ease of setup.
    • WooCommerce is ideal if you're comfortable building your site using WooCommerce plugins or have a developer who can assist you.
    • PrestaShop shines when you're planning to build a large-scale store with over 10,000 items and require robust synchronization capabilities.
  4. Once your online store is up and running, it's time to import products from ELKO to populate your inventory.
  5. Invest in Google or Facebook ads to promote your store and gauge its effectiveness in driving traffic and generating sales.
  6. Allocate time and effort into search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your site's visibility on Google. Consistent SEO efforts will lead to increased organic traffic from Google searches within 2-3 months.

Strategies for Building a Successful ELKO Drop Shipping Business

  1. Ensure to regularly monitor logistics and package deliveries from ELKO. While this may become routine as your business grows, it's crucial to double-check everything, especially at the outset, to ensure smooth operations tailored to your region's requirements.
  2. Thoroughly assess various ELKO categories, including prices, stock availability, and reputable sellers. This comprehensive evaluation will help you make informed decisions and align your offerings with market demands.
  3. Maintain up-to-date ELKO product stock levels on your website by conducting daily updates or as necessary to accurately reflect inventory availability. This proactive approach ensures customers are presented with accurate information, minimizing order discrepancies and enhancing trust.
  4. Strategically apply margins to the ELKO products you sell, taking into account factors such as shipping costs, handling fees, and potential profit margins. Regularly compare your pricing strategy with that of your competitors to identify opportunities for optimization and competitiveness in the market.

One of the key features of ELKO API is its robustness and flexibility, allowing for easy integration with diverse software platforms, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, e-commerce platforms, and procurement software. This flexibility enables businesses to tailor the API to their specific requirements, whether they are looking to automate order placement, synchronize product data, or retrieve real-time pricing and availability information. ELKO API also offers comprehensive documentation and support to ensure a smooth integration process for its users. This includes detailed API documentation, developer resources, and dedicated technical support to assist businesses at every stage of implementation and usage. By leveraging ELKO API, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving IT industry by streamlining their operations, reducing manual effort, and improving overall efficiency. Whether it is optimizing procurement workflows, enhancing inventory management, or providing customers with real-time access to product information, ELKO API empowers businesses to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age.